Art for All in Anacostia!

And just like that, it’s Spring again! Our team is back in the swing of things, and we’re really excited for what this year will bring. More opportunities for everyone to unleash their inner artist and build community with their neighbors, all while enjoying time together in the sun.

FIGMENT is completely free and open to all. Yet it is far from free to produce. So to help make all of this possible once again, we’re asking for your support. Will you please make a contribution to support FIGMENT DC today?

Unlike visiting a museum or traditional arts festival, at FIGMENT everyone has an opportunity to actively be a part of the artistic process. In past years, participants have created art from trash, decorated a field with hundreds of pinwheels, jumped on a pirate ship, cruised on a giant tricycle, written love letters for strangers, shared poetry and music, flew through the air with acro yogis, collaborated in the construction of an abstract sculpture made of recycled wood and, perhaps most importantly, learned to unleash their inner artist as they shared their talents with others.

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