Artists and Projects 2015


 default.jpg Blabyrinth-Labyrinth // Activity
Andrei Ponomarev

A large scale labyrinth maze operated via two controls.
default.jpg  The Butterfly // Sculpture/Activity
Jennifer Cooper

The Butterfly begins as a pile of wood and participants help create a beautiful sculpture.
 default.jpg Capture Ephemerality// Activity
Danny Goldberg

Sections of this project slowly fade out as participants add their own small piece, evolving it.
 default.jpg Collective Wisdom // Activity
Cortney Kreer

Need advice? Tell me all about it. Pull a card at random and I will use what's on the card to inform your advice. After you've been advised, write your own words of wisdom on a new card and put it in the pile for the next person. Collectively we'll all help each other.
 Scratchs_Costume_Camp_-_Primary_Image.jpg Costume Camp // Activity

Here’s a festive way to embody the Principles of participation, immediacy, and self-expression. Become a mobile piece of art at FIGMENT! Come play dress-up with the painfully amateurish fashionistas at Scratch’s Costume Camp and immerse yourself in the day by wearing something fun and unusual. Drop the worries of the default world by embracing a basic tenet of a healthy childhood. Don a wig or a prom dress or a pirate’s sword or a goofy mask. FIGMENT is about participation and being a walking creative project is a great start!
 Camp-Contact-at-Figment-DC---Primary-Image.jpg Embodiment Playground // Theme Camp/Dance
Darrell Duane

Join Camp Contact in our dome for a weekend of workshops and classes around embodiment: Contact Improvisation Dance, Acro Yoga, Yoga, Meditation.
 default.jpg FIGMENT // Sculpture
Patty Simonton

A colorful reminder of the festival's name.
 default.jpg Found Mandalas // Installation/Activity
Miriam Rust

Mandala: is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe.
 The_Foamy_Charging_Station_-_Primary_Image.jpg The Foamy Charging Station // Installation
Wendell Adkins

Charge Your Devices With The Power Of The Sun. See Learn Do! No Energy Problem, Only Solutions!
 Frame-of-My-Imagination---Primary-Image.jpg Frame of My Imagination // Installation/Activity
Patty Simonton

We provide the frame, you provide the imagination.
 Free_Water_-_Primary_Image.jpg Free Ice Water // Installation/Activity
John D. Freyer

Free Ice Water offers the possibility of art as a gesture of giving; a humble service, free of charge, intended to encourage moments of self-reflection and sharing between people. Each jar offers something universal—water, one of the most basic, elemental needs—combined with something very individualistic, as captured in the object and signatures.
 Hot_Art!_-_Primary_Image.jpg Hot Art! // Activity/Visual Art
Mercury John

Create a Fire Collage with our materials and watch us set it on fire. Safe and fun for all ages.
 I_Have_a_Home_Here_-_Primary_Image.jpg I Have a Home Here // Theme Camp/Collective
Bardia Saeedi

A rolling interactive art bus to raise awareness about homelessness.
 Kindred_Spirit_MailBox_-_Primary_Image.jpg Kindred Spirit Mail Box // Activity/Installation
Kristin Pedemonti

Ever wanted to share musings with someone living or dead? Now you can. Random selections performed.
default.jpg  Kostume Karaoke // Music
Aubri O'Connor

Dress up and sing!! Put a little silliness in your song. All are welcome! Costumes and music provided; you bring the talent. (Or's karaoke...just sing!)
 default.jpg The Love Letter Project // Activity
Jennifer Cooper

Like take a penny, leave a penny, but for love letters.
 Mandalas_-_Primary_Image.jpg Mandalas // Activity/Visual Art
Liana Algarin

Let's make mandalas! Items will be provided for you to make a meditative, circle-shaped image.
 Of_Two_Rivers__a_Poetry_Installation_-_Primary_Image.jpg Of Two Rivers, a Poetry Installation // Installation/Activity
Elizabeth Ashe

Rock Creek mud pastels & Anacostia River water are marker & eraser for site specific poetry.
 Opti-Mystic_-_Primary_Image.jpg Opti-Mystic // Activity
Christina Vanderveldt

Fortune bounds all around! Destiny is merely what you make of it, or is it? Come and visit with a question and chance you get an answer! We dabble in "see ing" into the divination of the universe to share a glimpse of it with you!
 Peace_Birds_2015_-_Primary_Image.jpg Peace Birds 2015// Visual Art
Sally Canzoneri

Make a Peace Bird puppet to fly through Figment, colorful tail waving in the breeze.
 Rectangles_-_Primary_Image.jpg Rectangles // Visual Art
Jennifer E. Cooper

They're not squares, and they're definitely not circles. They're Rectangles! Come and play with the mischievous Rectangles as they dance and frolic and see what sort of trouble they get into. And maybe, just maybe, you too can be a Rectangle for a day.
 Share_Your_Love_-_Primary_Image.jpg Share Your Love // Sculpture/Activity
Patty Simonton

Stop by our bandaged heart sculpture and share your wisdom about love with the world.
 tea_-_Primary_Image.jpg 天力の茶 // Activity
Katie Bechtold

天力の茶 (ten-riki-no-cha) integrates solar thermal energy with the traditional Japanese Way of Tea.
default.jpg  A Thousand Fibers Connect Us // Activity/Visual Art
Ann Phillips

Create a design on a map of the District linking your home to the home of Figment DC
Tutus_by_You_-_Primary_Image.jpeg  Tutus // Activity
Rebecca Blasdell

No closet is complete without a tutu! Our Tutu Teachers will help you create a tutu that truly reflects your colorful personality. We'll be bringing fluffy fun to Figment all day. All genders and ages are encouraged to come get their tulle on. All supplies are provided. Your creative spirit is the only requirement!
 Unending-column-of-Seeds---Primary-Image.jpg Unending column of Seeds // Sculpture/Installation
Jonathan Ottke

Six foot column like Brancusi's ‘Unending Column’ with seeds in colorful paper to plant.
 default.jpg Urban Oasis Peace Project: Pe=POM // Installation/Activity
Laura Cambridge

Urban Oasis Peace Project: Pe=POM (Peace=Peace of Mind) Write/Draw/Collage YOUR POM on the wall!
 Word_Graveyard_-_Primary_Image.jpg Word Graveyard // Installation
Christine Stoddard

Craft epitaphs based on cemetery photo collages to add to a makeshift graveyard of poetry.
 Young_Playwrights_Theater_Workshop_-_Primary_Image.jpg Young Playwrights' Theater Workshop // Theater/Activity

Participants ages 8-12 learn basic playwriting skills & how to step into a character’s shoes!