Dream Big, Share Ideas, and Submit Your Project!


Imagine. Inspire. Ignite.

Create a more colorful, whimsical world with YOUR participatory project. Now thru August 14th, FIGMENT DC is accepting participatory art submissions at http://dc.figmentproject.org/submit_a_project

The artist IS the muse. Together we are transforming a piece of our city into a playground for the imagination. What are you bringing?

FIGMENT DC loves artists, and in keeping with our Gratitude principle, we wanted to give something back to the arts community. We've created the Inspire list, which is an email discussion list whose purpose is to inspire creativity and help artists, writers, musicians, performers, and innovators share ideas and bring their projects to life.

If you have an event, we'd love to hear about it! Similarly, we would love to hear about your creative space or art supplies you have to swap, donate, or sell. We want to foster a community that's big on collaboration, discussion, and support -- but light on the shameless self-promotion and sales, so keep that in mind!

We hope that inspire@figmentdc.org will become a useful tool for creatives to share materials, support, and ideas to foster expression in the creative community! If you've submitted a project or been a donor to FIGMENT DC in the past, we'll send you an invitation shortly. Otherwise, you can sign up yourself at http://lists.figmentdc.org/listinfo.cgi/inspire-figmentdc.org.

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    How to submit my after effect project