Our Team

Meet our FIGMENT DC Team!

FIGMENT DC is run entirely by an awesome team of dedicated volunteers who give their time and energy year round to bring the magic of FIGMENT to our community. Are you interested in joining this team?  Please contact us and let us know how you'd like to get involved!

Ernie Ambrose, Producer. Ernie has always been infatuated with all sorts of creative expression. He loves to cause a scene and make people laugh, but doesn't get a lot of opportunity in his “real world” job to engage his artistic side.  FIGMENT allows him to do that and to help others do it, too. A federal IT contractor, Ernie started with FIGMENT wrangling the technical aspects of running the event. He spent the first two years of the event laying technical groundwork: purchasing domains, setting up twitter and Facebook accounts, scheduling tweets and Facebook posts and generally making sure the technical nuts and bolts were in working order. In 2015, he's stepping into the role of Producer, and is looking forward to making sure FIGMENT DC continues on into the future. "I’m thrilled to be part of a team that is making unexpected and wonderful things happen."

Patty Simonton, Fundraising Lead. "It's easy to ask for donations to support a cause like FIGMENT!" After all, FIGMENT is pretty much Patty's happy place. She has the great fortune to work with changemakers around the world with StartSomeGood, and supports artists and creative events through her work with Artomatic and Playa del Fuego. When in doubt, make more art!

JoAnna Goldberg, Curatorial Director. Part dinosaur, part border collie, and part intergalactic superhero, JoAnna Goldberg is uniquely qualified to herd the creative cats necessary to wreak a symphony of shenanigans upon our fair city.  It is her mission and her passion to ignite the imagination of unsuspecting civilians.  Her quest guided by Nietzsche, she understands, “A man’s maturity: that is to have rediscovered the seriousness he possessed as a child at play.”  In her spare time, JoAnna runs Fairwinds Marina in Annapolis, MD

Ann Phillips, Volunteer Coordinator. This is Ann’s second year as part of the Figment team and her first as Volunteer Coordinator. While not an artist, Ann’s skillset in project management and spreadsheet magic allows her to contribute something meaningful to the wonderful thing that is FIGMENT. When she isn’t wielding a clipboard, Ann can be found in a kayak, on a bicycle, camping somewhere with a bunch of like minded people, or dancing to crunky-bassy-funky-everything step music spun by her favorite DJs.

Jen Cooper, Artist Outreach and Community Building. Jen loves words, art, crafts, and makes a mean quiche. She loves to dance around festivals with a sheet over her head (we know, we think it's awesome, too!). As both a FIGMENT artist and volunteer, Jen provides a constant stream of creativity to our meetings and gatherings, and is setting up a strong base for FIGMENT artists all around the city.

Cortney Kreer, Graphics Wizard. Back again for the third year in a row, Cortney is one of our branding/graphic design wizards, and we love to abuse her skills for event maps, painted signs, and other visuals throughout the year. Her sharp wit keeps the rest of us on our toes and thoroughly entertained at all times.

Joseph Nicolia, Jack of All Trades. Human resident of the planet Earth, in the Western Spiral Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Expert printer, journeyman painter, apprentice mountain biker and master grilled cheese cook. Volunteer doer-of-random-things, large and small on behalf FIGMENT DC. 

Liana Algarín, Signage Director. Liana Algarín is a student studying Engineering Management & Systems Engineering. Liana gets bored easily and would like to have more art in her life. As Signage Director, Liana creates a spreadsheet of what each sign should say and where each sign should be. On the evening before and the morning of FIGMENT, Liana and a few volunteers walk around the FIGMENT venue and nearby metro stops, putting up signs to identify Figment locations and direct foot-traffic. Making signs for Figment is enjoyable and very low stress; if you make a mistake, just make a new sign!

Clara Elias, Leave No Trace Coordinator. Clara leaves things better than she found them in all kinds of ways. FIGMENT DC is lucky to have a superhero who dresses the part and makes her passion known in a variety of surprising and timely manners.

Lauren Stansbury, Media Coordinator. Lauren loves writing, American folk instruments, performance art, logistics and puzzles. She loves Nature, hiking, and getting lost. She aspires to learn the art of food fermentation, and cycles whenever possible. She is our Media Coordinator on the communications team for FIGMENT DC this year, and contributes to the project's much deserved media presence. With her expertise and dedication, we're excited to amplify the message (and invitation!) of participatory art throughout the Potomac region.

Fred Simonton, Intertube Experience Manager. From graphics and website design to newsletter layouts and editorial acuity, Fred can point and click on almost anything. Rarely seen without a guitar in his arms, he has experience in most every aspect of hosting a FIGMENT.